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The Beer Kingdom of Belgium - Filip Nerad
  • The Beer Kingdom of Belgium - Filip Nerad

The Beer Kingdom of Belgium - Filip Nerad

299,00 Kč

The Beer Kingdom of Belgium je kniha Filipa Nerada v anglickém jazyce.

The book has been signed by Filip Nerad.


The Beer Kingdom of Belgium - Filip Nerad

Beer and more, through the eyes of a Czech Radio foreign correspondent

"Like a café without beer” – als een café zonder bier – is one of the favourite Flemish expressions by which the inhabitants of the northern part of Belgium state that something is not working or that something is wrong. It is no coincidence, that the Flemish chose the absence of beer to show a dissatisfaction with the state of something. It illustrates how important beer is to them and the indispensable role, it plays in their lives. And the same goes for the Walloons.

The Beer Kingdom of Belgium, is the first Czech book dedicated to the phenomenon of Belgian beer and beer culture. It was created on the basis of my long-term journalistic stay in this country, and my lifelong love for, and interest in beer. It was to show the Czechs, who are so proud of their renowned pilsner lager, their Saaz hops and their first place in the consumption of this beverage in the world per capita, just how rich and diverse the beer culture of Belgium is. And that good beer does not only come from lagering tanks, that it does not need to have a bitter taste, a golden colour or a thick white head.

The world of beer is much more colourful and interesting, and Belgium is an ideal “laboratory” where in an area smaller than Switzerland, it is possible to penetrate all the nooks and crannies of it. In addition, the lands of the Flemish and the Walloons offer a lot of unique beers that you will not find elsewhere and many of them have inspired others. Last but not least, it is possible to discover Belgium itself, its beauty and history, and get to know the Belgians through their beer. I believe that with this book, I will be able to convince foreign readers and beer lovers of these things, as I have with my countrymen.

English version

Historie - rok vydání 2020.

Doporučení -  the book has been signed by Filip Nerad. Perfect gift for all beer lovers.